Friday, September 14, 2012


Book MR FREEZE! (Rock Steady Crew) Bronx BBOY Legend!Featured in the most historical Movies and Videos!Flash Dance, Wild Style, Style Wars, the Freshest Kids, and more!Available for Judge, Teach original Bronx BBoy styles, and Perform Top R ock Solos.For Bookings: will be in Europe from NOV 1 -19 Mr Freeze work Shop Programs 1) Lecture History of the Roxy Lincoln Center Battle of 1981. early influences. History of hip hop from Begging to present. Top Rock 1) Basic B,boy styles. 2) Burns 3) posses freeze's Late 70's BX Rocking. 4) name steps (to be created) 5) Character Street Styles Class 3) Triple Threat Styles. east & West coast influences. Hip Hop Party Dances. Basics to locking & popping. BBOYFRANCE Piła / POLANDKatowice / POLAND Częstochowa / POLAND Prague / CZECH REPUBLIC Oslo / Norway Kiel / Germany

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  1. I have a question, where did Mr.Freeze and Normsky first see poppin? What year was that? HArlem poplockers?