Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Co-Operation Of Hip Hop "San Diego" Presentation



on the topic of:

THE CO-OPTATION OF HIP-HOP: Cultural Imperialism, Capitalism and Conscious-Organizing

Join the Hip-Hop community and listen to Artists-Activists speak on cultural resistance and the movement to preserve it's culture.

Saturday, January 7, 2012
Lincoln High School
4777 Imperial Avenue
in the BlackBox Theater
(go around the other side of the theater building
with the other drama/music classes are located)

FREE!! All ages are welcome!

music, special guest performances, youth performances, food, community, tabling for independent artists/stores that support the culture of Hip-hop!
and so much more!!!!!

On the turntables: DJ ARTISTIC

Speaker Presentations by:

DJ Charlie Rock (Rocksteady Crew/Dojo Soundz)
Origins & Foundations of Hip-hop: Before the Consumerism and Capitalism Takeover

DJ Kuttin Kandi (APRFront, 5th Platoon, Anomolies)
Defining the Co-Optation of Hip-hop and the Connections to Cultural Imperialism

RAWfiki (Swift Wizards, Anakbayan SD, NorthStar Zulu, Kamp)
Breakin the Mainstream "Norms" as a Hip-Hop Bboy

Abel Macias (Party for Socialism and Liberation)
Cultural Organizing: Strategizing the Beat of a Revolution

Bridgette Castillo (Lincoln High School Student): My Personal Narrative as a Young Woman Student of Color in Love with Hip-Hop

Miki Vale (The (SIS)Tem)
Womyn In Hip-Hop Are Not A Commodity: Creating the Alternative

ENERO ZAPATISTA is a month long series of politically and culturally
conscious events that commemorate the EZLN uprising and the Zapatista
movement in January 1994.

APRFront is a collaboration of all abilities, generations, genders, gender non-conforming, sexual orientations, indigineity, race, ethnicities, cosmologies, faith and spiritual practices, and identities. We are a constellation of collectives involving students, activists, community organizers, artists, educators, justice advocates, and all those who engage critical knowledge to inform political struggle. APRFront identifies with a diverse range of
practices, including Social Justice Education Pedagogy,
anti-oppressive movement building, critical consciousness development, and privilege-checking strategies. We acknowledge all levels of education in our coalition, and welcome folks with a willingness to learn, teach, and engage in the different political ideologies of
revolutionary liberation (but not limited to) such as
socialism-marxism-womyn of color feminism, intersectionality, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, and zapatismo. APRFront is a people of color-lead coalition working with white identified anti-racists and activists, who challenge internal and structural white supremacy,

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