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AWWWWW YEAH! Henry Chalfant, producer of the historic film Style Wars on The Lunch Breaks Show on Thursday, Nov 10, 2011. On . 1:45-4PM EST. We'll be talking all things Style Wars. Please join me all week as we try to help him reach his goal to raise money for the preservation of Style Wars on

November 4, 2010



Today, Public Art Films, producers of the iconic documentary, STYLE WARS, launched their campaign on Kickstarter today: “STYLE WARS: The Outtakes.” STYLE WARS needs no introduction to those who know it. For those who haven’t had the experience, it is considered one of the seminal documentaries of the 20th century. The film is not only the indispensable document of Hip Hop culture in the early years, it is also a portrait of New York City at a very dramatic moment in its history —the Bronx ablaze, the city bankrupt, citizens and public officials at each others’ throats, while the youth of the city gave birth to a cultural movement that took the world by storm and is still going on.

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to retrieve the film’s outtakes. One of the most intriguing buried treasures of New York’s cultural history is the thirty hours of STYLE WARS outtakes that lie in storage. STYLE WARS was edited to its 69 minute length from the original 30 hours, and there’s a lot of amazing and historically significant material there which never made it into the finished film - Burners not seen since 1982 - more spectacular breaking moves from the historic B boy battle at United Skates of America between Rock Steady and the Dynamic Rockers — Skeme and his mom have quite a bit more to say to each other. There’s more of our conversation with the late, beloved Kase 2, the King of Style. He speaks in a poetic language that intrigues us and fascinates linguists. Seen reveals his trade secrets, describing in detail how he goes to the yard to paint a train. We hear more from Dez, Shy, Dondi and all the other kings and characters that people have grown to love, even Mayor Koch!

With the money raised from Kickstarter the producers can rent the necessary studio space and equipment, pay for the labor to go to the archives, find the best clips, and get them ready to appear as extras on the new STYLE WARS HD & Blu Ray disc.

A weeklong screening of the original, groundbreaking film is being shown on PITCHFORKTV, coinciding with the Kickstarter campaign. This is the chance to see the film and read about the making of STYLE WARS.

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