Wednesday, December 15, 2010


DJ HotLinh on The Lunch Breaks Show on Dec 16th, 2010. Watch LIVE BROADCAST from Born in Hanoi, Vietnam and raised in London her path to becoming a true DJ was forged in 14 years on the grind. At sixteen years old, then “Lady Linh”, was taken under the wing of one of the UK’s most influential crews that recognized her ear for music and enthusiasm for the club movement. A fixture in London’s club, she earned her right of passage in a male dominated game the true way. An intern of sorts every due was paid in full and the time was committed to truly learn the craft. She learned to ply her trade on vinyl spinning atop the 1200’s. Ones hands had to be sure and beat count precise. Far from today's push button DJ’s where anyone with a Mac and internet connection can claim the profession. Not for one season, but for years she rocked from Brighton to Brixton and everywhere in between sharpening her skill and learning to take the pulse of a crowd. If there is one lost art in the trade; it’s the ability to connect with a crowd and instinctively know what they need to hear ...... what they need to feel.

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