Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Tres Records
In April of 2004, Thes One was approached by friend Chikara Kurahashi (of Giant Panda) and was asked to co-found and help start a record label using his connections and knowledge of the record industry. He agreed, and to help get the label off of the ground, turned over a series of 12” projects and one album, Lifestyle Marketing as well as the concept for the Bloquera project. The first twelve inch release on the newly formed Tres Records imprint was Thes One’s Noonen 12”, an ode to the music of the movie Caddyshack, followed by Doin’ It with Raashan Amad. Thes One also brought artists Lightheaded (whom he signed when they opened for PUTS in Portland) and DJ Alibi to the Tres Roster. In May, 2004 he coordinated the Bloquera project, a trip to southern-most Baja California to record an EP and shoot a video on Super 8. Following this trip he began executive producing and mixing the Fly School Reunion album for Tres Artists Giant Panda.

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