Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mark Richmond's Art
written by Andrea Ruhl for Nostika Magazine

The usual suspect not, Mark combines hybrid multiple mediums to encase his inventive mind's eye of imagination and journey, making this artist rare and curious. His visions are filled with hiddden meanings waiting for the viewer to translate into their own narrative. His paintings encompass multiple flavors and cultures, as expressed in the stirringly beautiful girls, which are a made up cocktail of various tribes.

Each striking and powerful vision has a story and "graffiti poem", a street flavor style mixed with almost Asian looking script, which Richmond has developed over the years and made his own. It tells the meaning of the piece, and the brilliance is it is very hard to discern for, again giving hidden meaning and conversation. The crisp look which is his calling card is what he refers to as the "woodblock print efect." It is what gives his paintings a sharp unique look, much like that of Japanese Woodblock art. This is a surprisingly long process from the beginning to end, starting with the original drawing, that is then transformed through various techniques using computer painting, printing, and then finally to be painted over again, by hand. If you have not yet seen these amazing works up close you can view them at the hip Harney Sushi in Old Town and also the soon to be opening Mangu in downtown San Diego.

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